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Maritime Technologies (R&D)

Tech Lead at Maritime Technologies (R&D)

Singapore · Full Time
We are open yet focused, optimistic but realistic, driven yet patient, always knowing clearly what we are doing to get to our goals. We are always experimenting with agile sprints and scrums, that lead us to many set milestones. While we work, we motivate each other and love it absolutely that we do. It's fun because it's challenging and intense. Read More
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Job Description

You think more as a boss than as an employee on technology leadership. You lead the tech team and work closely with business to develop products, improve quality and explore new possibilities.

• Communicate, comprehend and work with Business to provide solution architectural, developmental and technological options according to our roadmap
• Mobilise and lead product management, web engineers, UI/UX designers, and data engineers to deliver top notch products and quality on schedule
• Develop and lead a DevOps team: recommend resource needs and allocation; put right people at the right seats (according to their unique capability); ensure they do things right (deliver quality and on schedule)
• Balance long term code health and sustainability with progressive business needs
• Design and develop DevOps best practices and performance
• Own each module and its features from initial discussions through to release
• Guide, coach and mentor junior developers

• BS in Computer Science or a similar field or relevant experience
• 7 years of professional experience building large scale frontend and related backend workflow, booking, documentation, database & other applications
• Strong work ethics, positive attitudes, and a great personality that brings joy to work
• Experience working with SQL, relational databases, big data, graph database is a plus
• Experience with service oriented architecture and REST based web service development
• Experience with PHP, Laravel framework and modern JavaScript frameworks, tools, and libraries like Angular, React Native, NPM, Promises, ES6, and Webpack
• Ability to identify and apply appropriate design and integration patterns to deliver complex business requirements
• Experience working with cloud-based systems (GCP, AWS) and virtualization (Docker, Kubernetes) a plus
• Effective verbal and written communication skills, and organisational skills
• Experience and interest in leading and growing a team with an entrepreneur rather than employee mindset

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What We're Building

Maritime Technologies (R&D) - we take daily steps towards our vision in "Aggregated Shipping", which is achieved from consolidating several individual seaborne shipments into one, cutting need of a ship to call multiple ports. The results: (1) better financials for both carrier and customer; (2) better utilization, cut wastage; and (3) reduced GHG emissions.

90% of startups fail. We will not fail as WE WILL NOT STOP. We will not stop only because we know what we are doing. We are a tech startup steep in domain knowledge & network in maritime shipping, and a clear road map with each project that will lead us to our vision.

We combine optimism and enthusiasm with a full load of realism and practicality. Our experienced domain experts know about the business, and are deep into R&D for every project. We embrace technology, know but push its limits to ensure adoption is natural, and outcome is valuable for our customers.

Experienced & Highly Skilled Coders - Let Set Sails Together!

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