Marilyn Bruno

Ph.D,. J.D., Aequor CEO and Founder, Business Week 1986 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (for international trading system), retired Foreign Service Officer.

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What I Do

As Aequors' CEO, I bring 30 years' experience in international finance and business. I was featured in Business Week as Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in '86 for developing a pre-Internet trading system. For 14 years in the Foreign Service, I covered economic, commercial, and environmental affairs.


Academically, I have a Ph.D. and a J.D. (specialized in international trade law). When Aequor's Founder discovered 17 novel marine microbes that produce remarkable new "green" antifouling and antibiofilm chemicals in '02, I realized their importance to substitute industrial biocides that are polluting our health and provide cost-effective treatments that impede hospital-acquired and other chronic infections. I raised family money for patenting, incorporating Aequor in Delaware in '06, building a Board of Advisors and Scientific Advisors, setting up a lab for the Founder, negotiating work-for-hire contracts with world-class chemistry labs, and developing due diligence and presentation materials for investors. Aequor has executed contracts for proof-of-concept testing with international antifouling marine paint and water engineering companies but needs funds for EPA registrations prior to commercialization in those markets. Our first target market is Consumer sector.

What I'm Looking For

Funding and strategic partners to develop end-use consumer products using Aequor's proprietary, new anti-biofilm chemical agents. Examples: Dental plaque is a biofilm that has to be scraped off; Aequor's agents impede biofilm formation by bacteria causing plaque, caries, infections, contamination.

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