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Backend Developer at Margo Bank

Paris · Full Time

We are looking for talented, bold and sharp people to help us to revamp traditional banking. PLEASE APPLY ON OUR WEBSITE:

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Job Description

You have a passion for back-end development. What you like most is solving complex architectural problems down to the last line of code. You’re motivated by ambitious projects that tackle real needs. You’re reliable and your tests will prove it every time. You’re autonomous, you love teamwork, you value diversity, and although you worship your IDE you understand that other developers might prefer another one.


We’re building together our whole technical infrastructure, piece by piece, starting from scratch. By joining the development team, you will contribute to this ambitious project and will face many technical challenges.

You will be in charge of the development of our *Core Banking System*, the central block of our technical infrastructure, written in Kotlin and Elixir. You will contribute to the foundation of the transactional banking core and APIs for our web and mobile applications and ensure their continual development. You will integrate third party systems and will delineate APIs for our partners. Tests will be an integral part of your work, and you will be responsible for the code your produce. We iterate rapidly and deploy our applications several times per day.


We encourage all developers to write about their work, to share their knowledge and to participate in conferences as a speaker or attendee. (This is considered working time, of course). In addition, we will buy any technical book you may be interested in and add it to our company library.

Here are a few conference talks given by some of the back-end engineers you will have the opportunity to work with and some articles they have authored. (If you don’t like to give talks, that’s fine, you won’t have too).

Jérémie Martinez:
“Why Elixir?” -
“DevOps on Android” -

Joan Zapata:
“Choosing an architecture” -

Raphaël Lustin:
“Nos premiers mois avec Elixir” -


- A significant experience in back-end development;
- Familiarity with development state of the art (tests, code reviews, continuous integration, version management, architecture documentation, etc.);
- Good knowledge of at least one functional or object-oriented language;
- Decent written and spoken English.


- Good knowledge of Kotlin or Elixir;
- Previous experience in banking or Fintech;
- Previous experience in developing a SaaS product for business users;
- You speak some French or are willing to learn.


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What We're Building

We have a simple, yet ambitious goal: to provide SMBs with the financial products and services they deserve by building a brand-new bank from the ground up.

In order to this, we want to build the best team there is, capable of obtaining our banking license from the European Central Bank. We will design and create a technical infrastructure with top-notch security, develop a wide range of modern banking products and services, and win over the market to the idea of not only a new player in banking, but a new way of banking.

We are a very young company, so you’ll have the chance to join the project from its inception. You’ll work in a company with no technical debt (it does not happen often) or antiquated internal administrative procedures. You’ll have carte blanche to define with us what our future bank will look like.


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