Marc Grabanski

Founder of @MJG International (Publisher of
Speaker. jQuery Team Alumni. HTML5 Cookbook Co-Author & Ex-Blogger to Millions.

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What I Do

I create premium training events, workshops and am a publisher of e-learning solutions focused on user interface engineering.

Customers including: Apple, Accenture, Rackspace, Federal Reserve, Thoughtworks, University of Aukland, TST Media, Gov Delivery and 150+ companies and universities.


- Created a conference at Google HQ with over 200 attendees (registration filled in 22 minutes)
- Spoke at about 40 conferences and gave workshops around the world in UI development.
- Created jQuery UI Datepicker (one of the most popular JavaScript UI components on the internet for 5+ years)
- Built blog up past 100k unique visitors per month.

What I'm Looking For

Angel investors, partners and business development opportunities in e-learning and high-tech education.