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Solving Churn for enterprises using Artificial Intelligence

Solve churn for internet first businesses using artificial intelligence!
Supported by Zeroth. AI - Asia's first AI/ML accelerator and Axilor - incubator created by Infosys founders (Kris Rajagopalan, Shibulal).

What We're Building

We are building a proprietary AI engine to help internet first companies solve churn. Our product will help companies with the following:
1. Predict who is at the risk of leaving their platform
2. Potential Reasons for why they are leaving
3. Recommend actions to retain users and maximize their lifetime value

Jobs at Marax AI

Marax AI Team

Raman Shrivastava
Founder|CEO - Marax, AI Researcher, Hero - Draper University
Sumant US
Co-founder and Product @Marax AI
Prateek Gupta
VIT University BTech CSE; Full Stack Web developer; Docker; Javascript; C/C++; PHP; Python; Wordpress; Embedded Systems; IoT; Linux; Idea generation; Designer;
Nikhil Saldanha
A Computer Science enthusiast intent on learning, creating, always motivated to build things of value. Always engaged in small projects. Volunteer at U&I
Shivam Shakti
AI Engineer
Paras Dahal
AI and Machine Learning enthusiast. Passionately curious, driven to create.

Marax AI Investors

Tak Lo
Tak Lo ,
Investing in the future with

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