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What We're Building

MapLarge provides Big Data Analytics and Visualization to make us safer, more productive, and more efficient.

MapLarge provides solutions for the dynamic visualization and analytics of Big Data. Our platform powers high traffic website visualizations, data discovery, and business intelligence applications. These visualizations can be synchronized in a dashboard to quickly discover insights by simultaneously viewing a segment of the data in multiple forms including maps.

We can map tens of millions of points and shapes in milliseconds, and allows user to dynamically query the data set and display the results. The software is browser-based, cloud and data center ready, and scales to serve millions of viewers.

MapLarge uses our proprietary MapReduce style framework which has been deployed simultaneously on over 4,000 nodes, 12,000 cores & 30TB+ of memory.

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Jobs at MapLarge

MapLarge Team

Glenn A Kirbo Jr
CTO Founder MapLarge • Strong Tech & Business Background • Studied at @Emory University (BBA 02 "Most Likely to Change the Universe", LAW 05: "Most Outstanding Student"),
Neil Segall
Proven Sales and Business Devlopment Leader

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