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* Disruptive technology for the big data industry
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What We're Building

MapD harnesses the massive compute power and memory bandwidth of commodity GPU’s to build the next-generation big data platform that can query and visualize billions of data points in milliseconds. MapD uses GPUs both to power SQL queries and to visualize the results.

MapD leverages GPU-acceleration across the stack. Its backend can leverage up to 16 GPUs per server to bring the power of supercomputers to data analytics.. It is tightly coupled with a GPU-powered frontend for hyper-interactive data visualization and exploration. Investors include Google Ventures and Nvidia.

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Open Positions


Todd Mostak
Founder @MapD • Worked at @MIT CSAIL@Harvard alum
Mike Luby
Full-stack software engineer in SF: Angular, Node, React, Rails, SQL, Haskell
Jonathan Huang
Software Engineer at Data Visualization startup
Tai Dupree
Full-stack web generalist currently focused on front-end data visualization
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