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Your Closet in the Cloud

MakeSpace is a schlep-free storage company that takes the “self” out of self-storage. We pickup, store, and redeliver our customer’s stuff so they can get an extra “closet in the cloud” without ever having to visit a storage unit. We also create an online photo inventory so they always know what they have in storage and can get anything they want delivered back with a click. Read More

What We're Building

MakeSpace is Your Closet in the Cloud (TM) -- convenient, simple, on-demand storage solution that takes the "self" out of "self storage." Our customers literally never have to visit a self-storage facility again without sacrificing knowing what they've put away.

A friendly MakeSpace team member delivers high quality, durable, reusable plastic bins to a customer's home which they then fill with whatever they want to store. We aren't limited to the bins though-- we are happy to store other items including bicycles or oversized items that fit into one of our oversized cardboard boxes (as long as one person can carry it)

Our team returns and transports the customer's bins to our secure storage facility until they decide they want them back. Customers can see what they have in storage on our website or mobile app and include pictures of what's inside the bin for easy retrieval. Customer's belongings can be returned to them in as little as 24 hours for a small fee.

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Jobs at MakeSpace

MakeSpace Team

Sam Rosen
Founder & CEO of @MakeSpace .1st Entrepreneur in Residence @Upfront Ventures @University of Virginia Alum
Rahul Gandhi
Building @MakeSpace. Brooklyn. Tech. Father of twins and a puggle named Samosa. Previously @Primary Venture Partners @AOL
Nicolas Grasset
CTO at @MakeSpace. I was CTO at @Lifesum and at @Tripl, software engineer at @Yahoo Mobile
Paul Baranay
Software engineer, data geek, gamer. Platform Engineer @MakeSpace
Rachel Lim
JavaScript and Scratch instructor at The Coding Space; volunteer developer for Mentor for Philly; product lead for mobile friendly web app 'Stash' (open-source)
Eliza Bell
Currently working at MakeSpace as a Recruiting Operations Coordinater.
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems MakeSpace is facing now?
Scaling MakeSpace as a network of service areas rather than individual cities of operation means getting better at structuring a large logistics and storage network to follow all items at any given time using our own technologies. Additionally, continuously working on accepting, routing and performing appointments more and more on demand implies solving a set of NP-hard problems as well designing smarter interfaces for our staff.
Nicolas Grasset
CTO at MakeSpace since 2014

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