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Maily is email for 3+ year olds. Maily enables young children to send quirky, personalised messages to Mum, Dad, their grandparents, and close friends easily, rapidly, and securely.

Children can create messages using simple tools like digital pencils, brushes, photos, backgrounds, stickers, and their most commonly used expressions. Maily also allows parents and loved ones to reply to the child's messages.

Maily comes with extensive built-in parental control features. Parents are in charge of who their children can communicate with, including the ability to approve or reject each message before they are sent or received.

In a world where children are almost born digital, it is more critical than ever to develop their social and creative skills. Everyone - and everything - is increasingly connected with each other. There's no reason why young children should not have access to a dedicated communication system before they put their hands on snapchat, whatsapp, facebook, ...

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Maily Team

Raphael Halberthal
Founder @Maily • Studied at MIT @MIT Sloan School of Management School of Management, @Northwestern University
Tom Galle
Co-Founder & Product lead @Maily / Creative & Designer on multiple internet projects. Studied at @Sint Lucas Ghent Art School
Stephane Dehousse
CTO @Maily - natural born hacker from zx81 to xCode. Best time remains playing legos and teaching laws of physics to my 6y old son

Maily Investors

Robin Wauters
Technology journalist, founding editor of Previously a senior writer at TechCrunch and The Next Web. Startup champion.
Reshma Sohoni
Co-Founder & Partner @Seedcamp. Invested in 120+ startups. Worked @Vodafone eVentures India, Broadview. @INSEAD MBA, @University of Pennsylvania Eng & Bus.