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Email Tracking for Gmail. 850K Active Users. +31.000 Paying Customers

Key metrics: - Active Users: +1M - 2017: 1.2M € Revenue / +30.000 Customers - Current team: 10 (6 Tech Team) - Strong Financial Position: Cashflow positive + EBITDA Positive Read More
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What We're Building

MailTrack is a SaaS which takes the double-checks for message opens from smartphones to the email.

So far, MailTrack is available only as an extension for Google Chrome and Gmail.

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Nacho Gonzalez
Founder @MailTrackio // Before: Founder InfoJobs, Niumba, Neurona, Salir, etc.(etc.= Fails) ♥ Cats&Wine. Documentaries & Elec.M(Basslines) Hiring & SaaS Freak
Eduardo Manchon
Founder of Mailtrack and Panoramio (acquired by Google). Previously in Loquo (acquired by eBay) Barcelona Investors

Eneko Knorr
Founder @Ludei. Past: @Hostalia (acquired by Telefonica). Investor: @Ticketbis (acquired by eBay), @Chicisimo - Machine learning for fashion, @Habitissimo (acquired), @PetCoach (acquired)
Carlos Domingo
Founder and CEO Founder and GP at SPiCE VC Venture partner at THCAP Owner of Sling Ventures. Past: Extensis, Lizardtech, Telefonica, du
Albert Feliu
CEO and Founder EADA BS MBA. La Salle MPM.
Carlos Trenchs Sainz de la Maza
Previously Managing Director in Caixa Capital Risc, now launching a new tech banking division at Caixabank. Part time teacher at Esade Business School

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