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MagnaPass is a digital fitness, wellness and employee perks platform for businesses of any size, ranging from startups and SME’s, to multi-site, multinational organisations, mainly focused on the legal and financial services sector.

The platform then has its own eco-system of retargeting users to a marketplace to find unique, active based experiences near them. This also doubles up as a customer acquisition and retention platform for independent studios and freelancers to showcase their services, develop their business models and grow their business with recurring traffic.

“What an amazing concept, just what we are looking for to help support and grow our brand” - Robinson, T. Director, Lean Fitness “Magna is a great fit for launching in Manchester, a city that is well in need of this type of technology” – Vanderlinden, S. COO and Co-Founder, Spotlinks. “Many health professionals like myself operate without a suitable patient management system. I strongly recommend Magna” – Stott, D. Osteopath, Freedom Clinics. “This tool has the ability to transform my business” – Nelson, N. Personal Trainer, Impact Personal Training. “The interface is perfect for getting more people involved with their own health, it’s really simple!” – Holmes, H. Personal Trainer, HHPT.
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Jobs at MagnaPass

MagnaPass Team

Adam Barker
CEO & Co-Founder @MagnaPass • Strong Business & Entrepreneurship Background • Edu @University of Oxford @University of Manchester

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