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Algorithmic Bus Routes for Commuters

Work with a small team. Build a product that matters.

What We're Building

We use data to create insanely efficient bus routes between cities and suburbs.

Because we plan our routes in real-time, each trip feels express: Few stops, pickup and dropoff within a short walk of your home and office.

Our average rider gains 2 hours of extra time each day to work, sleep, or relax.

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Open Positions


Ray Wu
Ray Wu , Cofounder JFDI.Asia's accelerator program manager (Singapore) Lean Startup Machine workshop coordinator (U.S., Asia, Australia)
Chris Upjohn
Jason Kraft
Building Multiple technology lead, startup consultant (New York City, Los Angeles) General Assembly Data Science Instructor (Los Angeles)
Cole Williams
Work at MagicBus, doing whatever is needed to make the product better. I spend the rest of my time working as a freelance audio engineer.

Our Investors

Salim Mitha
VC @Evolution Media Capital ;Mobile Gaming @Caesars Interactive Entertainment ; Founder@Wahanda; Search@Yahoo Europe; MBA@Stanford Graduate School of Business
Lei Wang
Twitter, Linkedin, Founder
Skye Buzzatto
@carXotic, Drive What Moves You. Former CTO of @Blue Star Learning. Investor in @ZoomCar India @Wunder Carpool + Angel Syndicates
Phil Nadel
Syndicate Lead, Co-Founder, Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners. Founded Florida Asset Financing Corp.and Gulfstream Internet. Funders Club Angel Panel.
Jeff Gorelick
Engineering @HouseCanary.
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