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What We're Building

M-PAYG is a Danish startup with a strategy to radically improve access to renewable energy for people living below the poverty line in developing countries.

We are working in the intersection of Clean Energy, Mobile and Microfinance and are developing Pay-As-You-Go solutions to allow low-income households in developing countries access to clean energy through small-scale mobile money installments. The idea stems from two years of work with the UN, the Grameen Bank and the World Bank in Asia. A large group of people in third world countries has no access to electricity and no credit rating to procure clean energy solutions such as solar panels. Our solution makes it possible for users to obtain financing for a solar panel and ensure, through a mobile platform, that they can repay the loan in small installments.

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Asger Trier Bing
Founder Lendino • Studied at @Yale University, @University of Copenhagen
David Reerman Dizon
Chief Product Officer @M-PAYG

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