Senior Machine Learning (Computer Vision) Engineer at lvl5

San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area · Full Time
We are building computer vision software that makes self-driving cars a reality for the masses. 1.3 million people are killed every year on the road. Imagine if every one of these mistakes could be programmed into a crowd-sourced brain -- one that never makes mistakes, never gets drunk, and never falls asleep at the wheel. Read More
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lvl5 builds HD maps for self-driving cars using computer vision. Our iPhone app, Payver, ( has thousands of drivers, sending us terabytes of driving data each day.

We receive video and other telemetry measurements from our fleet, and run advanced computer vision algorithms on the data to map the roads with high precision -- down to just a few centimeters. Unlike traditional maps, HD maps contain all the nitty-gritty details of the road, such as where the car should look for traffic lights, and how to turn through a complex intersection.

We work directly with automakers, and also with Tier 1 manufacturers to provide intelligent driver assist products as well as full localization capabilities for a "Level 5" self-driving vehicle.

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Andrew Kouri
lvl5 Founder

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Ed Roman
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