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Our approach to product development, and for that matter with building Lully, starts with the customer - building a relationship, empathizing with their needs and ultimately unearthing hidden opportunities. Once we understand their needs, then comes technology wrapped in a seamless user experience. Voila! What follows is usually very happy customers - a very good thing! If this excites you, Lully may be a great fit and you should definitely reach out to us.

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What We're Building

Lully is developing smart technology to improve sleep for all ages. Our technology enables us to monitor sleep, and precisely and safely adjust sleep stages in order to avoid the troublesome parts of sleep.

Our first product, the Sleep Guardian, helps children with night terrors get a good night's rest. The Sleep Guardian goes under the mattress and preempts a troublesome part of sleep. It simply uses vibrations at the right time to keep your child in the healthiest stage of sleep. It syncs with a smartphone so you can track your child's sleep and track how much better your life has become! It's simple and it works. 

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Varun Boriah
CEO/Co-Founder @Lully; @Y Combinator alum; @StartX alum; MS @university-of-california-berkeley; @Stanford Biodesign Fellow
James Lee
iOS Developer Co-Founder @VOLO • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley
Lily Liang
Adaptable UCI graduate (2014) with strong marketing background

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Our Investors

John Tan
Partner at
Bill Tobin
Entrepreneur; Team Development Specialist at the Strayer Consulting Group
Dennis Chan
@Stanford University computer science MS 87. Worked at Oracle, Javasoft, and various startups.
Feng Hu
Worked at @Google • Investor @Spotsetter, @Spotivate
Karen Long
Startup executive interested in disruptive healthcare and consumer products.
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