Luis Videla

Software Developer 15+ years experience. As entrepreneur co-Founder at KloudCatch, @I-Meet & @pptVivo!.

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What I Do

I consider myself a technology enthusiast and an entrepreneur.
As a technology enthusiast I am passionate about the way in which I can solve existing problems with new technologies and as entrepreneur I'm passionate about finding the way to make these new solutions into profitable business.


The entrepreneur┬┤s passion led me to carry out ventures of software development and IT services. Some of them allowed me leave my corporate job and devote my full time to them for many years.
And the same passion led me quit my job to move to Santiago de Chile to be part of the Start-Up Chile program with my start-up KloudCatch.
I have worked as a software developer for 15 years using all type of technology, from desktop applications, three tier and relational DB, to e-commerce sites, web applications and web services.

What I'm Looking For