Software Engineer - Advanced AR & Machine Learning at Lucid

Santa Clara · Full Time
At Lucid, we are bringing depth information to mobile phones with zero hardware costs. We have an easy-integratable Android SDK dynamic and customizable for any dual camera independent of baseline, field of view or resolution as long as there is overlapping performance. We have developed pure software depth technology based on AI leveraging concepts of how the brain processes and learns to perceive the environment. We have years of depth data stored on our secure cloud for continuous improvements of depth vision through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Read More
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Job Description

At Lucid VR, we're creating the world's first portable Virtual Reality consumer camera, as well as an online platform to share and view content created by the camera. We capture the world as seen by human eyes, and give everyone the chance to relive that capture through immersive videos.

Lucid VR is seeking an enthusiastic individual to join our team in developing the world's first portable, stereo HD camera system. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in a variety of areas spanning hardware and software and must be comfortable working on a small team with a quickly changing environment.

Develop and implement new machine learning algorithms on multiple platforms Exploit on-device and across-device data to improve the user experience Work with cross-functional teams to prototype and explore new ideas to differentiate future VR/AR products. Explore and communicate novel architectural solutions to senior management

• At least 2 years practical experience in using and developing machine learning or statistical algorithms
• Proven track record of delivering concrete implementations
• Excellent understanding of mathematical underpinnings of the algorithms
• Good C/C++ skills
• Highly professional, with the ability to deliver solid work on tight schedules
• Knowledge of R / Matlab /Python + Numpy/ Mathematica is highly desirable

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What We're Building

A stereoscopic 3D 180° camera, capturing the world the way the human eyes see it - with true depth, and peripheral. Our technology consist of smart hardware which optimized 3D spherical camera technology to the most compact size and advanced software on device, in manufacturing and in playback to achieve the most seamless plug-n-play experience for the end user, cutting the struggle of post production time as well as files and sizes to a minimum.

We focus on simplicity in distribution of content by enabling anybody to watch our videos on their mobile devices with our iOS and Android app in a Google Cardboard or directly through YouTube without limiting you to a VR headset.

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