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Mobile health and fitness tracking

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What We're Building

Lose It! is mobilizing the world to achieve a healthy weight. Used by millions of people around the world, it is the most effective, personal, app-based weight loss program.

Lose It! was founded on the proven principles of calorie tracking and community support to encourage healthy, sustainable weight loss. Members create a weight loss goal, track their daily food and exercise, have the option to start or join competitive challenges and access a global community of Lose It! members for 24/7 support. Based on a member’s personal information and health goals Lose It! builds a personalized plan and daily calorie budget for each member.

Lose It!’s easy to use tracking tools and comprehensive database of searchable food and exercise set users up for success. It is powered by proven nutritional science, robust behavioral data, and customer-centered software development.

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Jobs at Lose It!

Lose It! Team

Charles Teague
Co-founder and CEO of Lose It!. First employee at Allaire. Fan of great products and technology.
Patrick Wetherille
VP of Growth for @LoseIt
Paul Apollo
Expert in quant marketing with a focus on the analytics side. SQL, R and Python, stats, channel knowledge
Steve Massaroni
Boston University CS 14 | Lose It! Software Engineer 17-present | Meditech Software Developer 14-17 | Levine Funeral Chapel Database Administrator 13--15
David Yelsey
Software Engineer at Lose It!
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