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Looker makes it easy to "look" at any size data without any coding or SQL background

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Marc Randolph
@Netflix Co-founder. Entrepreneur, Investor and Advisor

Looker makes software that makes it easy for non-technical users to access, manipulate, export, and "look" at any size data, all within a web browser, without writing any code or SQL.

Looker is taking on the enterprise software giants with a browser-based tool that customers love to use.

Why Us?

Want to work somewhere where paying customers that love your product will talk to you about it for hours and hours?

Looker is seeking a well-rounded engineering candidate to help build out its brand-spanking-new data discovery platform. Looker is still a small team, so you will have the opportunity to work on many aspects of the product. Actually, you’ll probably work on nearly all of it! You should have extensive experience and a proven track record solving web, database and network engineering problems. Most of all you should share a love for programming.

The engineering team at Looker is a tight-nit group of like-minded engineers. We value simplicity in both our code and our user interfaces. We don’t believe in large teams, instead opting for small groups that can move fast, communicate clearly and achieve more when well aligned. The majority of the Looker platform is built in Ruby (JRuby), Javascript, Coffeescript along with a bit of Java sprinkled in. We try to choose the right tool for the job, not one tool to solve all problems. We don’t code to a spec – we make our own product decisions, we experiment, and we iterate rapidly.

San Francisco, Santa Cruz, New York City
11-50 employees
$16M Series A in 2013
Enterprise Software, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data

Looker Jobs

Software Engineer
$80K – $130K Salary
0.05% – 0.3% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco
product manager
Data Analyst / Data Science
$60K – $110K Salary
0.05% – 0.05% Equity
Full Time · Santa Cruz
product manager
Data Analyst / Data Science
$60K – $110K Salary
0.05% – 0.05% Equity
Full Time · New York City


Jared Kopf
Jared Kopf
Founder @AdRoll, @HomeRun • Worked at @PayPal, @Clarium, @IDEO
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Tom Tunguz
Tom Tunguz
Investor at Redpoint
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