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Global Business Development Intern at

Paris · Internship is an Operations Data Platform for Log and Machine events. We help companies improve their software and business performance by leveraging their machine data. Tech teams with R&D and Operations use it on a daily basis to build & run their systems. Read More
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Job Description


Are you interested in an incredibly broad and entrepreneurial role? This job is about joining a fast growing team delivering an innovative and addictive analytics solution. You will join our sales team working to execute creative approaches to generate new business. We've experience very fast growth in the last months, it's up to you to take it a step further.


Let's start with the most important point here. You would not be joining the Sales team, but the whole team. We're building a company and a common adventure. We are hiring for aptitude and attitude rather than experience.

You will have carte blanche to develop innovative ways of finding qualified prospects and have the responsibility of being the first contact of the client within

We are looking for someone who:

- Is entrepreneurial -- and wants to conquer the world;
- Is Passionate -- we want to democratise complex analytics into awesome easy to use services each and every company benefits from, want to join?
- Likes people, wants to interact with and understand customers;
- Loves technology -- we offer an ambitious product, so there will be a large and growing amount to get your arms around;
- Is able to plan, act and measure results - that's because we need to fine-tune the right sales process;
- Does not give up;
- Is resilient, specially to "No";
- Is comfortable and confident in writing and speaking using various methods (email, phone, social media…)
- Is okay to work with people who love good food & wine.

And we'd love to look for someone who will join the team after the internship. That's how we see internships, as a first step before a full time job.

Are you that person? We'd love to talk to you, drop us a line.

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What We're Building is a SaaS log management platform empowering users to troubleshoot and monitor applications better and faster.

Based in Paris, we launched the service in 2014. is the "new generation" of log management systems that makes DEVs, OPS and BIZ people work together sharing the same operational intelligence.