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Logistics & supply chain software for rural emerging markets

At Logistimo, our goal is to ensure the availability of essential commodities to rural areas across the world. Read More

What We're Building

Our two products aim to redesign the movement of essential commodities within and across low resource and rural areas.

Our cloud engine is accessible via common mobile phones (or smart phones) and web browsers ― uniquely positioning customers to penetrate resource-poor settings of emerging markets. The highly configurable service offers the ability to capture and share data in a simple, low-cost way. Realtime sharing and automated notifications permit novel logistics decisions for villages ― like crowd sourcing transportation and optimizing inventory.

We care deeply about how logistics and supply chain shapes the lives of individuals and communities, and believe:
- a little technology can go a long way, a very long way!
- people create better things together
- smart solutions can help change lives

I'm not gonna write about the cutting edge tech stack that we work on. Neither, am I gonna write about the amazing culture we are building. Instead, I'm gonna write about our mission and how we are achieving it. Our mission: To "Enable availability of essential goods at rural areas". Just like, how google was once ambitious about 'organising the world's information'. We are ambitious about ensuring essential goods are available to people at rural areas around the world. How do we do it? Supply-chain is one of the the main reasons, why these goods aren't available at rural areas. We are a SCM company, leveraging the supply-chain in rural areas, staying true to our mission. When I say, essential goods, one of them is vaccines for infants. Just by ensuring right vaccines are available in right quantity, at the right time, at the right place. Thereby helping our users bring down the Infant mortality rate. This is the kind of difference that we are making and I’m proud to be part of it. If you strike a chord with us. Join us, to ensure, essential goods are available at rural areas around the world.
There are so many great things working at Logistimo. The best part about working for tusker is its people and the values-based culture. Its guiding values would always ensure individuals career growth while growing as a company."
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Open Positions


Anup Akkihal
CEO, @Logistimo. Pioneering mobile SCM for rural emerging markets. Technology & logistics advisor to DoD, @USAID, WHO and @SAP. @Johns Hopkins University ‘93 & @Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‘06
Arun ,
CTO, @Logistimo. Product and technology development in mobile-web and cloud computing, esp. suited to emerging markets; worked at @Yahoo and Xerox Research
Sharath Chandangoudar
Transforming SCM for positive social impacts in emerging markets. Deployment l Research l Business Intelligence.
Trilok Jain
Software Designer/Developer. UF 2010 grad. Have worked with for-profit/non-profit tech companies (Startups and large corporations).
Raj G
Raj G ,
10+yrs of experience in Product Management and Strategy | 4 years of startup experience | MBA from University of Cambridge
Abdul Basith Shaukath
Recovering engineer with a marketing psyche and growing love for data.
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Our Investors

Sandhya Hegde
Partner at Khosla Impact Fund, previously worked at Sequoia Capital, Engineer @Iit Bombay, Stanford GSB grad

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