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Empowering Online Lending for Financial Institutions

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What We're Building

Founded in 2015 by an experienced team of veterans from the online lending industry, LogicFI is a lending technology platform that empowers financial institutions with the software, infrastructure, and analytics necessary to compete in today's online lending market.

By replacing archaic processes with automation, LogicFI helps traditional financial institutions to lend more efficiently and to provide a better user experience for customers.

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LogicFI Team

Michael Perkins
Co-Founder @LogicFI. Consumer Finance and Fintech operator.
Alicia Conner
Marketing Associate at @LogicFI.

LogicFI Investors

Phillip Rosen
Founder & CEO @Even FInancial • Founder @Orchard Platform • @Tech Lead @ Offerpop. Consultant @ Founder MediaAmp.

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