Loco (now part of Pocket Aces)

Jobs at Loco (now part of Pocket Aces)

India's first and largest gameshow platform.

We're one of India's fastest growing tech platforms - with over 12 million registered users in less than 9 months. We're solving some really hard problems in live-streaming tech with a lean team.

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What We're Building

Loco is democratizing entertainment by enabling users across India to participate in live gameshows through their phones.

We are building cutting edge tech for our platform:
- Solving scale for massively multiplayer social communities (>500k concurrent users in single games)
- Building best-in-class live streaming video latency
- Creating strong capability to handle high transaction volumes
- Constructing microservices architecture to enable rapid iteration

Having launched in January 2018, we already have >1 crore users and are looking to solve boredom for the next 500+ million users who come on to the Indian internet. Would love to for you to join us on this mission and build a world class tech company!

We're part of India's fastest growing digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces. Our sister brands include some of the most popular brands on the Indian internet: FilterCopy, Dice Media, and Gobble

Our investors include Sequoia Capital, 3one4 Capital, and the Infosys co-founders.

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Jobs at Loco (now part of Pocket Aces)

Loco (now part of Pocket Aces) Team

Vijay Prakash
Chief Architect @Pocket Aces , CTO @AudioCompass , in-depth knowledge of technology, product, and business. ML, NLP, Data science, deep learning
rajan kali
Full Time Android Developer, Updated with most recent happenings in Android.
Praveen Kumar
Frontend Development JavaScript, ReactJs, Java, Spring Boot.
Pradipta Sarkar
Digital Content Strategist | Editor | Writer
insiya yacoob
Went to Modern Education Society's Ness Wadia College Of Commerce
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