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In recent years, Edmonton has become one of the most attractive markets and incubators for startups. AngelList has you covered on what's happening in everything from the most breakout companies in Edmonton to the most innovative and highest-paying jobs that will launch your next career.

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Exciting startup jobs in Edmonton

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs across all of Edmonton

Scope AR company logo

Scope AR

Industrial Augmented Reality
11-50 employees
  • COVID: Verified Hiring
  • DevOps Engineer (Remote)San Francisco • Edmonton • Remote possible
    1 month ago
    1 month agoApply
    Customer Success Manager (Remote)San Francisco • Edmonton • Remote possible
    3 weeks ago
    3 weeks agoApply
    Lime company logo


    Simple, accessible micromobility for all
    501-1000 employees
  • COVID: Verified Hiring
  • Recently funded
  • Avatar for Same investor as Airbnb
    Same investor as Airbnb
  • 5 months agoApply
    Mattermost company logo


    Self-hosted alternative to Slack
    51-200 employees
  • COVID: Verified Hiring
  • 4.3
    Highly rated
  • Growing fast
  • Avatar for Same investor as Airbnb
    Same investor as Airbnb
  • 4.1
    Work / Life Balance
  • 4.2
    Strong Leadership
  • Community Manager (Remote)Edmonton • Remote possible
    1 month ago
    1 month agoApply

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