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Looking for entrepreneurial-minded professionals who have a passion for innovation and artificial intelligence.

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Locate.ai is a proptech / a.i. startup founded at Stanford. We're using machine learning to make smarter real estate decisions. Today, our technology can predict where retail stores will be successful, and ultimately, we will predict the optimal use of every piece of real estate in the world.


We're looking for an experienced marketing professional who is motivated by challenges and thrives under pressure. You will play a critical role in developing and executing an overarching marketing strategy that achieves immediate and long-term growth objectives of the company.

Responsibilities include, but are not be limited to:
- Develop and execute strategy that increases brand awareness and customer growth via various marketing channels.
- Oversee digital marketing, content, events/conferences, social media, PR, and more.
- Execute a data-driven approach of gathering customer insights and use data to improve future marketing campaigns and product.
- Collaborate closely sales and product team.
- Manage marketing budget.

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What We're Building

Locate.ai is enabling machine learning for the $4T retail real estate industry. We help retail businesses open successful stores by developing a deep understanding of the physical world with geospatial data and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to unlock the next wave of successful retail locations and the best use of retail real estate.

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