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San Francisco · Full Time
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Job Description

Love building product? Want to be a core part of a small, fast-moving team?

You'll be the 4th team member at a Techstars-backed company with team members from Google, Y Combinator, and Treehouse.

If you really shine in 3+ these areas, let's get in touch!
— Navigating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with ease.
— Manipulating native browser APIs (DOM w/o jQuery)
— UI design
— Learning quickly, acting autonomously, and thinking analytically.
— Experience deploying, growing, and supporting applications in production.

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Or shoot us an email at jobs@localizejs.com

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What We're Building

Expanding globally is key to growth of any company, but is more complex and expensive than it should be.

Localize automates translation and seamlessly delivers those to the end-user, without code modifications (like Optimizely).

Come say hello. https://localizejs.com

Where do you Localize?
Our CEO with our doge Joey cruising downtown San Francisco.
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Localize Team

Grant Crider
Director of Growth @Localize Former Director of Consulting @Fundable.com Passionate about Startups & Technology Based in <var> sunny </var> San Francisco
Carla Paton
MBA, PMP® with background in sales, marketing, contract management, portfolio management, and customer service.

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What is your office environment like?
Starting a company is a marathon, not a sprint. With that in mind, we care for ourselves like family -- shared lunch, group tennis (across the street!), but more importantly... a relaxed environment. The office is drenched in sunlight, with bean bags, Sonos speakers, and good vibes. We promote a reasonable work schedule, fair compensation, and total respect in all matters of work. Each person has unique talents and contributes equally. Come join us!

Localize Investors

Vinayak Ranade
Founder @Drafted • Worked at @KAYAK • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Mandel
Retired Serial Entrepreneur, built and exited 3 large Insurance/ Finance businesses over 25 years. Investing and advising startups.
Eric Bailey
Long-time Apple & NeXT. Led product development for iTunes U. Software Engineering, Product Management and Leadership.
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