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The most elegant and sophisticated stereoscopic live 360 and VR system.

At Live Planet, we are building a full stereoscopic VR Camera and Cloud that can live stream 4K video over the internet to millions of devices through Live Planet cloud. We are well-funded and rapidly growing startup with offices in downtown San Jose.

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What We're Building

With the Live Planet end-to-end immersive video system, creators can, within 15 minutes, setup the Live Planet 3D 360° camera, register on the Live Planet cloud platform, and start live streaming or storing (for on-demand playback) amazing stereoscopic virtual reality video in the highest quality, delivered to literally every headset their audience uses.

Measuring 9cm across and 10cm tall, roughly the size of a softball - this supercomputer captures and live streams stereoscopic 4K VR video with all the encoding and stitching done on board. Nvidia TX2 on board to help with the compute needs, this is an el
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Jobs at Live Planet

Live Planet Team

Seth Skolnik
Track record of media-tech innovation in Web, Mobile, OTT, and VR through diverse roles in start-ups & global corporations. Presently COO @ Live Planet, Inc.
Khayyam Wakil
Award-winning creative strategist and futurist with over a decade of dedicated service in the digital arts. Speaker, influencer and innovator. @Live Planet
RJ Wafer
I help bring new tech products to market.
Shalin M Mehta
Multimedia Device Driver Developer at Intel Corporation

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How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We're hoping to grow from our team of 15 to 50 in 2018.
Janina Dong
Associate at Live Planet