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Head of Growth at LiveNeighborly

San Francisco · Full Time
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Job Description

New startup seeking creative & analytical Growth hacker with a soupçon of local marketing experience. Dream of funnels? Sweat the CAC? Get all tingly over referral loops? Read on.

· Playbook: Figure out what resonates with our customer. Do, don't tell.
· Analytics: Set up campaigns, events, funnels… Discover success.
· Channels: Online. And offline. You are not afraid of paper.
· Feedback: Work w Eng, unearth features customers need.

· BA/BS: Congrats. 2-3 years startup growth hacking: Required.
· Skills: Analytics nerd, experience across AARRR.
· $$$: Managed CAC, LTV, ROI.
· Tools: Used any of GA, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, Qualaroo...

· Solve a problem for which every household will thank you.
· Get in early, ownership of the entire growth stack.
· See above.

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What We're Building

Smarter home services, managed online.

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LiveNeighborly Team

Jonathan D. Kibera
Founder @LiveNeighborly • Founded @Google Express • Founded @Mercantila (sold to @Google) • Labored @Epinions • Rowed @Harvard University
Danielle Hébert
Specializing in high-quality products and customer service. Founder at A Bear of Soap Personally interested in archery, sewing, sustainable living and the like.

LiveNeighborly Investors

Tom Fallows
Cranking @Uber • Founder @Google Express • Founder @Mercantila (acq @Google) • Very active advisor to my portfolio companies.
Rob Rekrutiak
Product @Google Shopping
Roberto Scaccia
Entrepreneur|Designer|Technologist. Former CEO @OffGridBox (TechStars W17). Founder & Lead Designer @OMAST (formerly Heritage Division). Partner @Kiguzo NGO