Jobs at LIV

LIV® creates technology to share Virtual Reality experiences.

LIV is a small startup with a big vision: to build the next generation content creation tools & platform for virtual reality.

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What We're Building

At LIV®, we create the technology to share Virtual Reality experiences.

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Jobs at LIV

LIV Team

Cix Liv
In San Francisco, creating products and content with emphasis on Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Live streaming.
AJ Shewki
Founder @LIV, @FYTNS Find me in the Matrix.
Andrew Watt
Passionate full-stack programmer with a love of mechanics and Epidemiology background. Nerdy gamer at heart.
Fahim Rahman
Business development manager, 10 years of experience on online business market.
Jaroslav Stehlík
Worked at Silicon Jelly, Divr Labs, Dream Digital, LIV
Anton Lobashev
Advancing Mixed Reality at @LIV
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