Jobs at Listium

Create, manage, share and publish all your lists in one place.

We're an early stage startup based in Melbourne, Australia. We have a product that is in the market and has early product/market fit. See Read More

What We're Building

Create, share and publish all your lists in one place. Browse other people's public lists for ideas, and copy the ones you like.

We're not out to replace todo or reminders apps, even though we have that functionality.

Our main competition is spreadsheets. We provide a simpler and more emotionally engaging tool for users to create lists/tables they care about, such as planning a wedding or a holiday; shopping for a new baby; showing off their wine/book/record collection.

The things you love, all organized in lists.

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Jobs at Listium

Listium Team

Marc Harrison
Startup founder and adviser.

Listium Investors

Lars Rasmussen
Cofounder @Weav Music. Former e-dir @Facebook. Cofounder @Where 2 Tech -- sold to @Google to make Google Maps. Started Google Wave.
Adrian Bunter
Corporate Advisor, Mentor and Investor. Work at Venture Advisory. Worked at @PwC

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