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Display ads tailor-made for ABM – influence key accounts quickly and easily.

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What We're Building

ListenLoop makes advertising software that complements your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, giving you unprecedented power and precision to deliver banner ads to the accounts you desire in just a few steps: (1) pick key accounts, (2) upload ads, and (3) launch your campaign.

You can nurture target accounts with a series of ads delivered over the course of days or months with ListenLoop's drip campaigns. You’ll keep your ads fresh, preventing buyers from getting oversaturated. Plus, ListenLoop's account-level reporting measures impact on target accounts in your Salesforce®.

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ListenLoop Team

Rodrigo Fuentes
CEO of @ListenLoop. 3x founder. @Boost VC & @Dreamit alum. Focus on Product & Sales. Former Patent Litigator. Yale (EEng) & Columbia (JD) Alum.
Roger Wood
Works @ListenLoop • Studied @Curry 7 Years of B2B Sales Experience Hardware/Software, SaaS, Sponsorship.
Saurav Dhar
Full Stack Developer @ListenLoop . Studied @Virginia Tech (M.S in EE) and @University of Texas at Dallas (B.S. in EE).
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ListenLoop Investors

Sue Xu
Sue Xu ,
Worked at @Amino Capital as Managing Partner • Studied at @Stanford University and @University of Utah
Tim Draper
Founder and a Managing Director of @DFJ
Michael Beller
General Partner, CoVenture
Tikhon Bernstam
Founder/CEO of @Parse (acquired by FB for $85M). Founder @Scribd. Angel Investor - Cruise (exit 1B+), Reddit, LendUp, Gusto, Tilt, Checkr, Optimizely, 70 more
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