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R&D lab for start-ups in FinTech and Logistics.

Hiring in Hamburg · 1-10 Employees ·

Liquid Labs is an experimental organisation where ideas are tested, startups are built and innovation in FinTech & Logistics moves forward.

We are a small team building and launching products for the Otto Group. We’ve made a deliberate choice to build Liquid Labs as an independent platform where experimentation is welcome. We take the principles of venture capital combined with best practices from the startup world to further corporate innovation.

At the same time, we avoid chasing trends or reacting to hype and remain driven to create real value with our products from inception. We are not measured by financial return and instead strive to build sustainable businesses.

We are hiring NOW! Currently, we are looking for Company Leads and Software Developer to join our team and help make two new startups happen in Hamburg! Read more about it:

Financial Services
Mobile Payments
Why Us?

We offer senior EIR positions as well as junior support roles. We are building three to four companies at a time in parallel and take a collaborative approach to building products. If you have a tech, marketing or business background and want to work with VC's in-house, we offer the perfect environment. We're based in Hamburg, Germany and have an international team of start-up geeks.


Full Time
€50K – €70K
0.0% – 10.0%
€45K – €65K
0.0% – 10.0%


Paul Jozefak
Rated as one of the 'Top 20 Most Influential EU Investors', which basically means I tweet and blog a lot. Running @Liquid Labs GmbH.
Esteban Alberto Uscanga Olea
Working experience in different projects mainly with Java, php, javascript, Ruby or C++. B.S Computer Sciences in Mexico. Master Student of IAS, Hamburg Uni.
Dani Colomer Collell
Currently grooming my product ownership skills

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