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SEO Internship at Linkilaw

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Linkilaw is the legal platform for startups - we provide quality legal assistance to startups at an affordable price! Read More
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Job Description

Linkilaw: The Legal Platform For Startups and SMEs

Linkilaw is the legal platform for startups - we provide quality legal assistance to startups at an affordable price!

Linkilaw has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, TechCrunch, TechCity UK, Inc. Magazine and the Huffington Post. We are a small (and fast growing) team of 15+ people.

How it works

1. Startup Legal Session: Book a one-to-one oral strategy session with one of our legal specialists online.

2. Legal Report: Receive a detailed plan of what you need right now and in future stages of your development.

3. Legal Solutions: Based on the results, you are now free to make educated, fully informed and empowered decisions.

Our Values

Setting values is important to us, it enables us to align all of our decision-making with these values.

1. Honesty, Integrity, Transparency (HIT)

You are honest with yourself, with Linkilaw, and with others because you understand that’s the best way to build solid and lasting relationships.

You are honest even when it hurts because no one ever solved a problem by covering it up.

Your values and that of Linkilaw are not negotiable and you continuously uphold yourself and the team to them.

2. Communicate Fearlessly

You listen more than you speak, as listening is the most important part of communication.

You stay calm in stressful situations and value open communication over being right.

You say what you think even in controversy, and you do so with tact and respect of others.

3. Love Ourselves and Love our Customers

You act out of love and not out of fear, knowing that perfect love drives fear away.

You take loving, healthy and balanced decisions towards yourself and others
You love your customers and seek to deliver an incredible and seamless experience of Linkilaw each time.

Life is too short not to spread love in everything you do. You work with care because you love your work.

4. Never Stop Learning

You always have more to learn, and you seek to improve your knowledge through everything you do.

You seek to understand your customers, your partners and your team through eager curiosity.

You learn from your mistakes and admit them promptly.

5. Efficiency

You make every day count by creating and delivering amazing work.

You work smart over working hard, focussing on creating a real impact rather than flattering your ego or that of someone else.

You work with awareness, ensuring your work creates impact and you have the judgement to make changes to increase impact.

You consistently work hard and your teammates can depend and rely on you.

6. Live with Resilience, Embrace Brilliance

You persevere in moments of hardship because you know excellence takes hard work.

You challenge assumptions supported by data and facts, present and implement solutions.

You allow and are open to whatever comes your way, acknowledging that lessons come from challenges.

You inspire others through your self-motivation, resilience and tenacity.

7. Think for Yourself, Think as a Team

You prioritise what is best for Linkilaw, rather than yourself.

You seek to be efficient by first working through things yourself, and then asking others. You help your team.

You show wisdom in your decisions, seeking to get things done rather than making things perfect.

You know that there are no problems, just solutions and that people can always improve but never be blamed - responsibility is always collective.

Our values are so important to us. If they speak to you too, you may have found your perfect company!

Job Specifications

Working Hours:
9:30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday, but these hours may change or you may be required to work additional hours.

We are looking for an adept SEO intern to support our marketing and business development team in digital marketing, and business development.

Your duties will include:

- Updating blog posts
- Content-creation
- Link-building
- Promoting blogs, videos and E-Books
- Writing search engine-friendly copy
- Assisting in the implementation of SEO strategies

The ideal candidate will identify with our values but also:

- Has excellent written skills
- Has great communication skills
- Is fluent in the English language
- Is sharp and commercially-minded
- Is passionate about startups
- Is confident
- Is self-motivated
- Is willing to learn
- Has strong attention to detail

The ideal candidate would be familiar with the following:

SEO techniques (Including Link-Building, Meta Tags & Keyword Research)
SEO Moz open site explorer
Majestic site explorer
Alexa SEO suite
Google Analytics/Adwords

Please note that this is an 'expenses only internship' with the possibility of a permanent role for exceptional candidates.

Join a fantastic team and become part of our Linkilaw family!

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What We're Building

The Startup Legal Platform

Linkilaw is the legal platform for startups. We provide affordable legal advice to startups at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms.

Startups and SMEs love Linkilaw because we provide:
1. QUALITY - Bespoke documents drafted by qualified lawyers
2. SPEED - Turnaround time as fast as 24 hours
3. VALUE - Up to 80% cheaper than traditional law firms
4. SMILES - 100% focus on amazing customer experience
5. CLARITY - Advice that is simple and easy to understand

How it works

1. Startup Legal Session – Book a one-to-one oral strategy session with one of our legal specialists online.

2. Startup Legal Plan – Receive a detailed plan on what you need right now and in the future stages of your development.

3. Startup Legal Solution – Based on the results, you are now free to make educated, fully informed and empowered decisions. Get linked to a lawyer, order Linkilaw’s customised contracts, or walk away with knowledge for the future. The choice is yours.

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