Head of SEO & Content Marketing at Lingokids

Madrid · Full Time
We’re a small team. We like moving quickly. We’re building a service to help children learn a new language. Read More
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Job Description

At Lingokids we are looking for a senior digital marketer who will lead user growth through organic marketing channels. We are looking for a dynamic individual that is willing to work in a fast paced environment.

This opportunity will allow you to be at the forefront on how to acquire customers at scale. You will be responsible for acquiring new customers through organic channels

This role is for someone who loves finding loopholes and best ways to exploit technology/ digital platforms and is on top of the development in the digital world.

Essential Duties

- Ultimate goal is to lead organic growth at Lingokids.
- Building an SEO & Content Marketing strategy to improve the SEO ranking of the website and acquire organic traffic.
- You will own the organic growth of the business through online marketing channels across all platforms (web, mobile etc.).
- Formulating user acquisition strategies across all organic channels, in alignment with business targets and budget.
- Perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
- Provide SEO analysis and recommendations to build structure of websites and web pages
- Research and administer social media tools


Passion for SEO and internet marketing
Must have at least 2-3 years of experience in executing SEO
Prior Marketing Experience of Minimum 3 years
Knowledge of strategy and implementation of Organic channels - SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, PR etc.
Must have experience in partnering with sites/ influencers which can strategically boost SEO ranking or organic growth.
Must be analytical and should be able to extract data, analyze and send reports on a regular basis.

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What We're Building

Lingokids is changing the way young children learn. We believe in breaking down language barriers and helping provide equal opportunities to all kids around the world.

Lingokids is an online language educational platform for kids. We adopt the Netflix model to help children learn the English language. A Premium subscription to Lingokids not only provides access to unlimited educational games, apps, videos and other content on the platform, but also provides live video tutoring sessions with professional English language teachers.

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities! Working at Lingokids brings the most challenging, fun, unexpected opportunities you could imagine. My experience here, for the 1.5 years I've been at the company, is of stimulating and compelling projects, with an international environment of extremely bright and supportive colleagues that boost your motivation. Plus, we have the most chill, fun pizza Fridays ever!
Lingokids has helped over 1 million families learn English :)
Lingokids in action!!
I've grown so much professionally in my time here at Lingokids (almost 2 years!), and every day offers an exciting new challenge. At Lingokids we are surrounded by bright, driven, and fun people that really make a difference in the spirit and success of the company.
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