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This is your opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of chronic patients. Be part of a new approach to medication management by leveraging technology and data.

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What We're Building

Half of the medicines worldwide are not taken as prescribed by physicians, and this costs the US healthcare system $290B annually. The average Medicare beneficiary (65+ years old) takes between 6 and 8 different pills per day and has no help in organizing or taking them - if they fail to do it, they may end up in the hospital with serious complications (like a stroke), or even die prematurely.

We developed a smart pill dispenser - it sits on the countertop of chronic patients' homes and automatically organizes and dispenses the right pills, at the right time.
Our business model is also innovative because the service is not paid by the patients but rather by the providers and payers that have huge incentives to keep their population healthy and improve overall outcomes (value-based care).

Open Positions


Diogo Ortega
CEO and Co-Founder of @Line Health (formerly @PharmAssistant). Studied Business and codes since the age of 15.
Sofia S. Almeida
COO & Co-Founder of @Line Health. Former journalist that founded a journalism prize, a magazine and a company. Now committed to empower patients through tech.
Joana Vieira
Head of Design & Co-founder @Line Health
Joseph Baker
Electrical design engineer with four years of experience in launch and regulatory certification of new products in a startup environment.
João Rocha
Full-Stack Developer @Line Health
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