Lindsay Watt

Co-founder of @Placeling. Business and tech guy. Ran search at @WebMD; previously BCG. MBA at INSEAD; B. Eng Physics at Queen's

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What I Do

Here are some things I'm good at:
* Unearthing consumers' unmet needs and turning them into mobile/web software
* Taking ideas and turning them into strategy and then action
* Being the bridge between the business and engineers


Ran search at WebMD. Used A/B testing & rapid iterations to increase traffic and revenue.

Launched NeedTuNo to do Evernote before Evernote existed. We didn't iterate fast enough.

TELUS Mobility. Ran a team that helped deliver the industry's lowest churn rates while not undermining the industry's highest ARPU.

BCG. Management consultant.

What I'm Looking For