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Job Description

We apply AI for large-scale Project Management. Just imagine those old boring Gantt charts with 100k+ lines projected on a mindmap with the ability to zoom in and out. That's the kind of issues you will have to solved. Once this problem is solved, we have a bigger one, this time it is about exposing TB of data in a manner to highlight criticity and issues.

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What We're Building

We implement AI for Project Management.

1/ Extracting timeline knowledge from unstructure documentation (word, excel, powerpoint, emails) for arbitration and knowledge management purpose.
2/ Providing a user-friendly and permission-driven platform to centralize structured project information.
3/ Providing an Virtual Assistant with knowledge extracted from 1 and 2, to assist your project team on their daily basis to ensure a more optimized deliverable flow across the project portfolio.

Product is currently deployed on a 52M EUR project portfolio in France.

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