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Talent attraction & development are old school. We have the balls to try something new in the crowded recruitment-space. Interactive, chatty and data-driven. Care to join? Read More
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What We're Building

Lift recommends companies, vacancies and other career opportunities that match your Passion, Purpose and Potential.

We believe that matching based on résumés and vacancies is old school. That’s why a number of seriously smart talents joined forces with the mission to reinvent the interaction between talent and companies and help people find what they love doing.

How does it work?
By swiping cards with easy to answer questions, we get to know you, and learn what motivates you. Based on your answers we give you (career) recommendations that match your profile.

Lukas sharing his passions with the audience @ World Trade Center.
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Lift Team

Robbert Dijkstra
into the great wide open
Lukas Batteau
Professional coder. Love tech startups, mobile, and backend development. Singer-songwriter. Happiest when cycling.
Johannes Wolters
Product manager @Lift Previously co-founded Blogboek.
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