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Backend or Full-Stack Engineer at LibertyX

Boston · Full Time
LibertyX is the largest retail bitcoin exchange in the U.S. We launched America’s first bitcoin ATM’s in 2014 and today have software powering thousands of stores nationwide that let consumers buy bitcoin from cashiers instantly. Read More
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Job Description

This is a rare opportunity to be an early engineer in an established bitcoin startup. LibertyX is the largest U.S. retail bitcoin exchange with thousands of stores across the country. Formerly known as Liberty Teller, the company launched America's first bitcoin ATM in Boston, MA and has been growing since. Come join us as we bring digital currencies to the mainstream!

As a Backend or Full-Stack Engineer you will:
* Spend most of your time working on our Python/NodeJS backend
* Work directly with the founding team
* Play a pivotal role in bringing basic financial services to the masses
* Have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of other technologies and platforms such as Docker, MySQL, Redis, Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS, Android, Angular, JavaScript / ES6 / TypeScript / Webpack, NodeJS, Bitcoin-related infrastructure, ElasticSearch / Logstash / Kibana, R (language for statistical computing) and more

Required Qualifications
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
* Experience with backend development, Python, Linux, and SQL
* History of challenging yourself with software projects

Helpful Qualifications
* Passionate about Bitcoin
* Familiarity with a wide variety of software development categories (e.g. backend, frontend, mobile, operations, security) and technologies

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What We're Building

The quickest, cheapest, and most convenient way to purchase bitcoin. We operate the largest US cash-to-bitcoin network with thousands of local stores nationwide. Use our beginner-friendly mobile apps or visit to find a store near you. The whole process takes minutes using our "virtual" bitcoin ATM and you can have bitcoin in your wallet even before you leave the store. Previously introduced America's first bitcoin ATMs in America.

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LibertyX Team

Chris Yim
CEO and Co-Founder at LibertyX. Former VC @Siemens Venture Capital. Former Banker @Centerview Partners. Wharton MBA (LOA). MIT Undergrad.
Kyle Powers
Former private equity investor at Charlesbank Capital Partners, management consultant at Bain & Company. Co-Founded LibertyX while at Wharton.
Cragin Godley
CTO at LibertyX

LibertyX Investors

Chris Yim
CEO and Co-Founder at LibertyX. Former VC @Siemens Venture Capital. Former Banker @Centerview Partners. Wharton MBA (LOA). MIT Undergrad.