Software Engineer (Build Systems Internals) at Lexumo

Cambridge · Full Time

Lexumo is a fast-paced, venture-backed tech startup in Cambridge, MA. We work hard and we love a challenge—who says you can’t teach a computer to learn from the mistakes of the past? At Lexumo, we are not building apps. We are combining state-of-the-art software stacks across technical domains to develop a truly innovative and unique cyber-security platform. We are changing the way enterprises find and eliminate vulnerabilities within their products, resulting in a world with safer software. And that is just the beginning. We are seeking highly-talented, highly-motivated individuals to help us realize this vision.

Job Description

Lexumo has created a massively-scalable, AWS-based cloud stack that uses graph analytics and machine learning developed for DARPA to precisely identify public open source vulnerabilities in our customers' code. Based in the historic Davenport building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we've raised $4.9 million in funding from top cybersecurity investors and were recognized as an IoT Company to Watch and a Machine Learning Startup to Watch.

And that's just the beginning. We're looking for highly-talented, motivated, and passionate individuals to help us realize our vision of securing all the world's software that now runs all our businesses, homes, and critical infrastructure.

This position includes responsibility for developing and maintaining a key customer-deployed component of the Lexumo platform.

The ideal candidate has experience with build systems internals across multiple languages (e.g., automake, bitbake, maven, buildroot, pip, etc) and is comfortable working both in high-level and systems languages, ideally python and C/C++. Understanding of UNIX and Windows process management and scheduling (e.g., signal handling, IPC) required. Candidates should be comfortable anticipating and responding to customer needs and issues. Experience working in distributed systems and shipping commercial-grade software is a plus.

Like most great companies, we have fantastic benefits from company-paid healthcare to access to a 401K to flexible PTO. Not to mention a great environment, working with state-of-the-art technology. If you’re looking to solve challenging technical problems and collaborate with individuals you respect, learn from, and can have fun building an innovative company with, please apply today.

Key buzzwords: AWS, python, C/C++, java, php, [pick your favorite language], strace.

What We're Building

Lexumo’s platform identifies and remediates software security vulnerabilities from companies’ embedded, enterprise, and cloud products. Lexumo’s analytics automatically perform massively-scalable, incredibly-fast software analysis to identify security vulnerabilities from the mistakes of the past. Today, we are deploying this technology to automatically find open-source code in our customers’ software and identify security vulnerabilities within their products.

Lexumo’s platform continuously monitors our customers’ code for existing and emerging vulnerabilities over the entire product lifecycle. Our analysis is fast, so whether a change is checked into the code base or a new vulnerability emerges in the wild, our customers get an instant alert. And when patches are released, Lexumo automatically back-ports the patch to help developers fix the problem when “just upgrade to the latest version” is not an option.

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