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Structuring data for medicine

Lexigram brings structure to data in medicine. The future of healthcare will revolve around efficient, precise allocation of scarce resources in order to most effectively care for large populations of patients. In order to do this, you must have the right data in front of the right person at the right time. Read More
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What We're Building

Lexigram is a clinical intelligence company founded in 2015 to change how healthcare organizations use their data. We take data from all available sources – EHR, email, faxes, claims, and more – to produce intelligent patient summaries for software engineers, data scientists, and clinicians. Our proprietary technology liberates previously unusable data via APIs that integrate easily alongside existing workflows and don't leave data siloed in a black box.

Our founders spent a collective 15 years working with clinical data at Stanford as software engineers and data scientists on projects like Green Button and BioPortal. We saw first-hand the need for new approaches in healthcare that didn't just aggregate more data and created Lexigram to build technology that provides contextually-relevant answers.

Jobs at Lexigram

Lexigram Team

Manuel Salvadores
Founder @lexigram • Software Engineer • Worked at @Stanford University • PhD & BS CS @Polytechnic University of Madrid
David Tsung
Co-Founder, CEO @Medaptic • Resident @UCSF • Biochem/Molec. Biology& Sociology @Boston University, M.D. @Georgetown University Changing how health-care providers interact with EMRs.
Juan Pablo
My first love was biology. PhD track in neuroscience. Decided to switch directions. Masters at UVA (2016) in Data Science. Found coding. Fell in love again.
Mathew Brady
Software Engineer @Lexigram • Worked at @Industrial Light & Magic • BS in EE & CS @San Francisco State University
Shane Bauer
Operations Consultant @Lexigram • Office Manager @Johns Hopkins University CTY • Escape Game MC • High School Educator • Beer Cicerone • Brewer

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