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Strategy + Aesthetics

Startup creative agency with no shortage of energy or drive. Highly collaborative team with ambitious growth strategies and consistently exciting projects. We're looking to continue to build out a top-tier creative interactive production department to work together to execute projects across many different types of platforms.

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What We're Building

L+R is a design research & technology firm that solves business challenges with strategy and aesthetics.

We believe that the most barrier-breaking solutions come from a deep trust in the design process, and that true impact happens when everyone at the table is operating from the place where strategy meets aesthetics. As craftsmen, we build solutions that are empathetic and inspiring, and that continuously reinvent the limits of business and design.

This framework has been applied to a comprehensive range of projects and platforms including:
Mobile Applications
Brand Identities
Wearable Device Applications
Behavioral/Anticipatory Service Systems

We are currently in product development with the following technologies:
Location-Specific Content Management Systems, iBeacon, Eddystone, High-Touch Luxury Experiences, Connected Devices/Wearables, Image Recognition, Apple HealthKit, Apple HomeKit, TVos, Social Network Integrations, Virtual Reality.

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L+R Team

Alex Levin
Founder @l-r; leading product strategy, brand positioning and experience design.
Ryan Riegner
Founding Partner and Director of Aesthetics @L+R
Eugene Krivoruchko
Product designer and ocasional code artist
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