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Connect people from same route, area, city for DAILY and INTER-CITY commute

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What We're Building is a social platform to connect people who travel on the same route. One can select from the matching profiles and send a private message to share a ride. People can share car, bike , cab or autos. Our current platform does not charge the users to find a match. But the vehicle owners can charge the passengers directly for the petrol contribution.

Currently we have a user base of 10,000+ from across all the metro cities of India and 1% from rest of the countries. Now that our idea is validated by the traction we have got, our next target is to develop a mobile app. We plan to launch it by march 2015 which will allow users to do a real time ridesharing. Our main revenue model will be to take X% out of every donation made towards the petrol contribution by the passengers.

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Rajkumar Mundel
Founder and CEO of Visionary and UI desinger. Hashtag - #RideWithLetsride
Averi Pal Choudhury
Co founder of ridesharing community - And Founder Designer at