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Operating system for the event production world

Lennd is the operating system for the event world. We are a scrappy and passionate team, dedicated to inspiring and enabling production teams to create life changing experiences. That focus has allowed us to partner with some of the most notable event organizations around the globe, with more asking for our help each day. Read More
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What We're Building

Lennd is a operating system for the event production world. Historically major productions have been managed with spreadsheets and Google Docs. Lennd is rapidly changing the entire production process.

We are currently working with some of the most notable event organizations around the globe (i.e. The Enthusiast Network, The Los Angeles Marathon, BWGLive, Outside Lands Music Festival, Newport Folk and Jazz Festival and more.) to help them streamline their operations with our platform.

The Lennd Team with KAABOO's Director of Ticketing and Credential Operations, Taylor Gustafson.
The team worked from LA for a week with LA Marathon to observe how they were using Lennd to manage their operations before, during and after the event.
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Chris Carver
Co-Founder @LenndApp • Former COO Invisible Children • VP + GM at Active Network (10 Years) • MBA Kellogg • Intern for Billy Beane Oakland A's
kyle hennessy
Software developer

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LENND Investors

Shruti Gandhi
Managing Partner, Array VC, enterprise deeptech fund. Investor: True Ventures & Samsung. CS MS @Columbia MBA @ChicagoBooth. Exits: Apple, McGraw Hill, & Samsung
Baron Reznik
Staff Engineer @Suki

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