Jobs at Lenda

We make home loans honest, fast, and completely online.

Lenda makes the home loan experience honest, fast and completely online. Read More

What We're Building

Lenda allows you to complete your home loan online. Home Lending is a $10 trillion vertical, but the current market is stuck in Web 1.0 using Lead Generation sites. Lenda bridges the online-to-offline gap by removing telemarketing and paperwork, creating an easier solution.

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Jobs at Lenda

Lenda Team

Jason van den Brand
Founder/CEO of @Lenda. 13+ years domain expertise. Co-owner @UrbanEscapes (acq by @LivingSocial.) Finance at @Pennsylvania State University. @500 Startups alum.
Human Dx
Enables and supports the development of @The Human Diagnosis Project. A semi-finalist in the MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change $100M award competition.
Teo Dell'Amico
Front End Developer at Lenda
Tony Try
Works at Lenda
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