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Sales & Content Intern at Legit

Cambridge · Full Time

Legit makes AI-powered software to help R&D teams rapidly iterate on their ideas and give organizations a deeper understanding of their technological edge. All of our natural language processing algorithms are developed in-house by experts. We are looking to work with people who are as passionate about innovation as we are.

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Job Description


-Working with the Director of Demand Gen and CEO to understand the target audience
-Conducting market research for prospective clients, and learning which characteristics correlate with the best customers
-Writing and sending personalized cold emails. This includes A/B testing content, and customizing messaging as much as possible
-Cold calling
-Running basic email reporting
-Lining up sales demos for the account executive / head salesperson
-Keeping Salesforce up-to-date
-Conducting research and writing short and long-form content
-Writing engaging newsletter and email copy
-Running social media campaigns and helping to establish brand voice

The ideal candidate will:

-Be a recent college grad
-Take initiative
-Be a fast learner
-Be interested in learning about the sales process at a startup
-Have experience with content marketing and research
-Be passionate about content creation

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What We're Building

Legit helps R&D teams consisting of engineers, researchers and scientists refine their ideas and figure out what’s truly unique about their solutions. Our proprietary natural language processing algorithms allow R&D teams to explore their ideas by being shown only the relevant parts of long technical documents and decomposing the idea into its constituent topics, giving the user complete control over what relevant technologies to explore.

Simultaneously, we give R&D managers the ability to understand how their teams are thinking and identify collaboration opportunities amongst different groups and even different offices

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Legit Team

Matthew Osman
CEO at Legit Patents, fmr. hedge funder @ Pearl Diver Capital. Experience with Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property, Tax and Corporate Law
Jacob Rosen
Data analyst, policy wonk and tax nerd who's interested in how quantitative techniques can help solve unequal access to the law
Anthony Bucci
Chief Scientist & Cofounder at Legit Patents; part-time lecturer in computer science at Tufts. Ph.D. in computer science from Brandeis University, 2007.
Austin Hatem
Front End at @Legit, Previously employed by @Oracle

Legit Investors

Ed Roman
Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.
Todd A. Richards, MD, MBA
Reconstructive plastic and hand surgeon. Angel investor. Optimist. I am seeking out the best in the startup community. @UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @University of Southern California
Jenny Fielding
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