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Workforce engagement for Hourly workers (stealth mode)

Legion is a fast-growing, venture-backed SaaS company in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are redefining the workforce engagement landscape for companies with a large hourly workforce. Read More

What We're Building

Legion Technologies is a startup proven to bring unprecedented innovation to the hourly workforce engagement, through our unique Smart Matching. Customers quickly realize improvements in labor management, retention, customer engagement, team satisfaction and overall culture.

Our one-click solution combines accurate forecasts, ensures 100% compliance to any company's specific needs and our secret sauce – Team Member engagement (when they want to work aligned with when a company needs them to work). Sound like magic, well it’s AI, combined with the right data to make it work for any company. Join us, learn more and become an integral part of changing the future.

Jobs at Legion Technologies

Legion Technologies Team

Sanish Mondkar
Current - Founder/CEO, Legion Technologies, Inc Previous - Chief Product Officer & EVP, SAP Chief Product Officer & EVP Products & Operations, Ariba
Thomas Joseph
Experienced technology executive, with a focus on enterprise software and infrastructure, in roles such as Chief Architect, CTO, and Technology Strategy.
Thomas Koo
Product Designer at Legion Technologies
Lou Haidous
Currently Head of Sales @Legion Technologies Previously Sales @Radius • Worked at @E*Trade • Studied at @University of Michigan
Ruth Ann Gonzales
Placing the customer at the center of everything we do making their journey simple, valuable and delightful.
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