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Legalpad enables employers to hire across borders. We accelerate the immigration process, eliminate burdensome paperwork, and secure visas with minimal stress. Read More
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What We're Building

Our technology is an internal-use IDE for developing legal workflows, intake forms, and sophisticated document templates. We offer automation at every step of the process, and aim to automate an increasing range of legal work over time. Employers and beneficiaries enjoy a one-touch, TurboTax-like experience. We then produce fast and reliable immigration outcomes.

I've been lucky enough to work on some pretty cool stuff in my career and Legalpad is no different. In addition to another opportunity to have some meaningful positive impact on society, Legalpad offers an opportunity to achieve big-value without all the operational pains of big-data. The legal domain is a complex and interesting web, which makes product design and implementation a fun daily challenge to untangle.
Our work at Legalpad is exciting on a day-to-day basis, because we're riding the multidisciplinary wave of technology and law within in a field that makes a massive difference for employers, immigrants, and lawyers. And our team makes this journey fun: We're all dedicated to a common goal of making a big change in the world!
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Jobs at Legalpad

Legalpad Team

Sara Itucas
Director of Product and Founder @Legalpad. US immigration SME. Formerly @Teleborder and @TriNet Group
Todd Heine
Chief Executive Officer at Legalpad
Brandon Bloom
CTO & Founder of @Legalpad. Founded and sold @Thinkfuse to @Salesforce. Worked at @TASER International,, @Microsoft, and @Google
Alex Szebenyi
Software Engineer at Legalpad
Mayank Bansal
I am constantly learning new skills that can be used to solve challenging problems in automation, user experience design, front-end development.

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