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Next Generation Hotel Marketing SaaS

Leest is re-imagining the hotel experience with the Millennial Mindset and looking for teammates who are curious, ambitious and want to be among those who shape the future of travel and hospitality, today. We are introducing a next generation marketing software for the largest global industry that is poised to become highly technology-enabled within the next 10 years. If you want to leave a mark with your work and be a part of a dynamic, game-changing early-stage startup founded in NYC Leest can be the place for you. As a team, we are exploring the opportunities in hospitality technology, cloud, data, analytics and marketing for the largest global industry as we create a platform to be used by hundreds of travelers and brand hotels everyday. Work with us to start shaping the future of travel tech. Read More
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What We're Building

Leest is a travel rewards software incentivizing online visitors to book directly with hotels.
Number one pain in the industry being distribution costs; majority of online hotel bookings come from OTAs, resulting in more than $30b missed revenue in paid commissions.
While more than 80% of online bookings come from third party sites, travelers are willing to book direct if they were given instant, useful incentives.
(76% of travelers say they would book direct if there are better deals on the hotel website and 42% would book direct if there are rewards directly.)
Leest, through its website widget, helps hotels boost direct bookings by incentivizing guests with exclusive local deals and free rewards.The platform is being used at two of worlds' top hotel chains, Starwood and IHG ,as well as independent lifestyle properties. Leest is re-imagining the hotel booking experience with the Millennial mindset to create value and experiences for a different kind of loyalty.

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Leest Team

Irem Yallagoz
Founder & CEO @Leest • Studied M.S. in Marketing&Data Analytics at @New York University • Hotelier
Degerhan Deger
Co-Founder & CTO at Leest