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Albert accelerates learning outcomes through interactive practice for over 200 academic subjects. We believe that the best way to master anything is to "learn by doing" and offer high school and college students the most effective and accessible learning tool ever made. As education becomes ever more digitized, Albert is positioned to be the global leader in technology-enhanced practice materials for academic subjects. Read More

What We're Building

Albert accelerates learning outcomes through interactive practice. We believe that the best way to master anything is to "learn by doing". We have published over 63,000 practice items spanning 200+ subjects.

Our curriculum offerings in K-12 cover the following areas:

* AP (31 subjects)
* Common Core ELA
* Common Core Math

The pillars of Albert’s value for educators are:

1. Time savings. Students can view explanations as they practice, so in-class time that would have otherwise been spent reviewing homework questions can now be spent on personalized instruction.

2. Better content. It is difficult and time-consuming to write rigorous and standards-aligned practice items. Albert provides and constantly updates content to align to the latest standards.

3. Powerful platform tools. Albert makes it easy to assign content to students in many ways and provides teachers with high-level and detailed ways to understand student performance and growth.

Our office space in River North
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Jobs at Albert

Albert Team

Luke Liu
CEO of Albert ( Bringing personalized learning to students everywhere.
Wiliam Yang
CRO @Albert • Founder of College Creed • Northwestern '14 - Economics
Ali Cole
Trained opera singer experienced in administration and education with a passion for business
Bogdan Ivan
Operations Manager. VC Associate. Founded Besso Labs, a mobile app development shop.  Prior Investment Banker at William Blair.  Northwestern University grad
Kyle Trimble
Northwestern University Biological Sciences cum laude. 3 years in top structural biochemistry lab. 2 years running successful private tutoring business.
Athena Tellis
William and Mary '13. TFA '13 corps member in northwest Indiana, taught 7th grade science. Now a science content development editor at
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems is facing now?
We have 70,000,000+ recorded interactions on how students answer questions on our platform. Teachers, school admins, and students all want meaningful, contextual insight into how they are performing and to deliver this in real-time has necessitated us to port out backend into Elixir + Phoenix and do a lot of heavy lifting with data.
Luke Liu
CEO at Albert since 2013

Albert Investors

Lon Chow
Parnter, Method Capital General Partner, Apex Venture Partners
Dean Johnsen
I'm an analyst for GreenGage Capital, LLC. I spent 8 years trading interest rates and now help run a family fund for the alternative investments space.

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